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Ehsan Foroozmehr, PhD

Dr. Ehsan Foroozmehr received his PhD in Mechanical Engineering from Southern Methodist University (SMU), Dallas, Texas, in Dec. 2009. He joined the Research Center for Advanced Manufacturing (RCAM) at SMU in 2006 and did his research on laser material processing, specifically on Direct Metal Deposition, Laser Welding, and Laser Heat Treatment.
In Jan. 2010 he joined the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, as a postdoctoral fellow. He did his research on Manufacturing Mg-Based Porous Scaffolds using Additive Manufacturing, Simulation of the Solutionizing of a Bi-Layer Al Alloy, and Designing and Manufacturing a Test-Rig for Calibration of Dual-Parameter Optical Fiber Sensor.
He has joined Mechanical Engineering Department at IUT since Aug. 2011. His research interests are:
- Laser Material Processing
- Additive Manufacturing
- Fiber Optic Sensors

He is co-founder of Noura Co., a knowledg-based company located at Isfahan Science and Technology Town. Noura has developed the first selective laser melting (SLM) system in the country, and is a pioneer in metal additive manufacturing service provider. 

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