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"Application of vibration in the laser powder deposition process" Journal of Manufacturing Processes

Authors: E Foroozmehr, D Lin, R Kovacevic

Address: Vol. 11, No. 1, Page: 38-44, 2009


Laser powder deposition (LPD) has been used for a few decades as a technique that is unique in the application of complex geometry part manufacturing, high-value parts repairing, and surface modification. However, improving the buildup quality of LPD process is still a challenge because of the presence of defects. In this paper, the effect of in-process vibration frequency on the buildup properties of LPD is studied. Experimental results show that the vibratory energy has a significant effect on reducing porosity. Up to an 80% reduction in the porosity and the maximum defect size can be obtained by choosing the appropriate vibration parameters. In addition, a more homogeneous microstructure is achieved that results in less deviation in hardness throughout the buildup.

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