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"Modeling of Solutionizing and Solute Redistribution in a Co-Cast Bi-Layer Al Alloy System", Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A

Authors: E Foroozmehr, S Esmaeili, DJ Lloyd, M Gallerneault

Address: Vol. 43, No. 6, Page: 1770-1780, 2012


The effect of high-temperature treatment on solutionizing and solute diffusion in a co-cast X609-AA3003 alloy system is examined via a coupled dissolution and diffusion model using finite-element analysis. The model describes the kinetics of the dissolution of intermetallic particles of Mg2Si and Si along with the diffusion of alloying elements of Mg, Si, and Cu across the interface between the two alloy layers. The results are verified using electron probe microanalysis (EPMA) measurements.

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